Why Madfun is a safe kids party venue during the Corona Virus

Madfun is a private party venue

Madfun is not a kids play centre that runs all day, we are a private birthday party venue that is only used for timed kids birthday party sessions and the longest sessions are 2 hours.

Madfun Kids Party venues are cleaned every two hours

During our normal operation the entire venue is cleaned after every session and now, with the Corona Virus threat, we also use high quality disinfectant on all surfaces between parties. Although Corona is not an airborne virus, we also spray the entire venue with air disinfectant as well. There is no chance of contracting the virus from Madfun or any guests who have been before you.

Children are not affected by Corona Virus like adults are

The good news, as you are probably aware, is that the Corona Virus does not badly affect children under the age of ten years old. You can read this article “why don’t children seem to get  very ill from the Corona Virus”

How to have a safe kids party during the Corona Virus

  • You need to ensure none of your guests have any symptons before allowing them into your party
  • All surfaces and the entire Madfun room will be disinfected before and after your party
  • All parties will be private sessions where only the adults and children you invite will be present
  • Children will be able to blow out a birthday candle but it will not be on the birthday cake
    (Madfun will supply the candles)
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