Why Madfun is a fun children’s party idea

The big difference between having a party at home or having a birthday party at Madfun Kids Disco is that we have designed Madfun specifically to make it lots of fun with no hassles.

Even if you are the world’s greatest organiser you will still miss a lot of your child’s birthday party if you have it at home because you’ll need to organise everything.

We are parents and have been running entertainment venues for almost 30 years so we can entertain your kids , give them a great party and you can stand at the back having a coffee and a bit of cake whilst watching your kids having a great birthday.

When the party is over you can kiss every body goodbye and leave us with the mess because we have everything we need to clean  Madfun up in lightning speed – everyone is happy.

Madfun isn’t just a business to us it’s a place where we can create happiness and give you and your kids a happy memorable experience

So come on down and say hi and see what Madfun is all about


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