What happens during a kids birthday party at Madfun ?

Children’s Birthday Party Venue Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne


Madfun Kids Disco are fantastic exciting Children’s Birthday venues. Everything is included in a Madfun Kids Birthday party included free face painting for every child in the party, craft, dancing, hot and cold food, unlimited cordial and water, lollies, potatoes chips, a prize for each child a Party Hostess who runs all the games and dancing and even plastic forks and plates your birthday cakes.

When you have a kids birthday party at Madfun you will walk in with the cake and the kids and we’ll take care of absolutely everything else including of course setting up and cleaning up the mess at the end. Imagine driving back in your drive after the party with happy tired kids and a perfectly clean house ! Let us make it fun and exciting for your kids celebrating their party and easy for you too.

Two big dedicated Children’s Birthday Party venues in Melbourne
Kids Party Venue Knox City Melbourne
Kids party Venue Moorabbin Melbourne

Children’s Birthday Cakes

Children’s Birthday Party Cakes

We have been lucky enough to see lots of Children’s Birthday Cakes at Madfun and cup cakes have really been the big thing as well as theme cakes. The most popular children’s birthday cakes are usually the stars of the latest Disney or Pixar animated children’s cartoon movie or else the hottest group at the time.

Here’s some examples and there are a lot more on our gallery pages in the Madfun site


Why Madfun is a fun children’s party idea

The big difference between having a party at home or having a birthday party at Madfun Kids Disco is that we have designed Madfun specifically to make it lots of fun with no hassles.

Even if you are the world’s greatest organiser you will still miss a lot of your child’s birthday party if you have it at home because you’ll need to organise everything.

We are parents and have been running entertainment venues for almost 30 years so we can entertain your kids , give them a great party and you can stand at the back having a coffee and a bit of cake whilst watching your kids having a great birthday.

When the party is over you can kiss every body goodbye and leave us with the mess because we have everything we need to clean  Madfun up in lightning speed – everyone is happy.

Madfun isn’t just a business to us it’s a place where we can create happiness and give you and your kids a happy memorable experience

So come on down and say hi and see what Madfun is all about


Tips on organizing a girls birthday party

Organising a girls birthday party – Keep it simple

If you are organising a girls birthday party then here’s some advice we can give from our experience in running girls birthday parties

Madfun Kids Disco in Knox and Moorabbin Melbourne hosts kids birthday parties every weekend and here are a few tips they can offer to ensure you can enjoy that special moment in your children’s life.

One of the biggest problems I encounter in this time poor world we live in is that mum’s feel they ought to be doing more. Prepare more birthday party food, organize more decorations, have more entertainment prepared. Really all you need is to organise a few things in advance so you will be able to enjoy this special time with your daughter. Rule No 1 is to Keep it Simple.

Have a birthday party theme 

If you and your daughter decide on a theme it makes everything easier. When it’s easy it becomes more FUN for you as well as the birthday girl. Invitations, music, games and the birthday cake all fall into place without much fuss. Even if your theme is a Colour instead of Disco or Princess etc…

Decide the venue for your girl’s birthday party:

Designate a room for the party but be realistic in your expectations, kids will gravitate to your daughters’ bedroom. Discuss your boundaries with your daughter before hand, so all you need is a gentle reminder once in a while during the party. If you plan to keep children out of the house and in the yard make sure you have cleaned up the dog poop so the kids can play. Remember to have a wet weather alternative like a garage cleared and ready for use. If you do have a pet be aware that not all kids are comfortable around animals, and that even the gentlest of dogs can get excitable around a group of children.

Have fun girl’s party Invitations

Birthday girls love to be included in making invitations. Create your own on the computer, just make sure you have all the basics covered –Address, Day, Date and Time, RSVP and Contact Phone Number. If you don’t have a colour printer just decorate them with a few stickers, or print them out on coloured paper.

Don’t be upset if people don’t RSVP – in this day and age where anyone can quickly shoot off a text or email there really is no excuse not to respond to a party invitation. If they haven’t responded you can usually assume they aren’t coming.

Timing:Allow 1 ½ hours for a party for 4-6 year olds, 2 hours for 7-12 year olds.

Kids Birthday Lolly Bags

can be a great craft activity. Have a craft table set aside with felt pens and some stickers ready for the kids to name and decorate their own lolly bags or boxes. Collect them all and pop in your pre-organised lollies to give out as they leave. That will take care of the first 30 mins of your party.

Kids Birthday Presents

You want your daughter to be available to say hello to her guests at the start of the party so leave opening the presents until the end. Otherwise you’ll run out of time for any planned activities, or brand new toys will get lost or broken before she’s had a chance to play with them.

Birthday Party Food

Have drinks especially and a few snacks available throughout the party and then bring out hot food or sandwiches after games are played. Keep it simple – do you really want to be stuck trying to cook party pies in the oven at one temperature and vegetarian pasties at another? If you plan on having parents of guests staying also, again keep it simple, if you put on an amazing spread they’ll feel pressured to do the same for their child’s party. Dips and biscuits work just fine.

Birthday Party Entertainers

Do you want the entertainer to look after the whole group of children at once like a clown or magician? Or are you happy to have a Face Painter who can only look after one child at a time? If you wish to book someone to come to your home have them ready to start at least 15 minutes after the party start time so the birthday girl has time to greet all her guests first, then the entertainer can get and keep everyone’s attention. Most entertainers take cash on the day, so pop it in an envelope on the fridge ready so you’re not running around in a panic. If you’re celebrating say a 3rd birthday but 15 out of the 20 invited guests will be 10 years old it will make a difference, so be sure to let your entertainer know beforehand. Plan to serve hot food or cake before or after, not during, the entertainers show.

When Birthday Cakes Go Wrong

You’ve chosen your cake with care and then disaster strikes. I’ve seen cake boxes get sat on in cars, Ice cream cakes left out of the freezer and pre-ordered cakes just not delivered, or you planned to make it yourself but have just run out of time. Coles and Woolworths have Themed Cakes, Decorated Cupcakes and the good ol’ Fredo Frog Ice-Cream Cake always in stock and very affordable. I’ve never seen a party of kids disappointed in any of these last minute buys. A fantastic cheat tip: get two Woolies or Coles chocolate cakes & pop them on top of each other, surround the outside with KitKats (stick them on with a little bit of icing sugar) and pour mini m&m’s over the top. It looks like an expensive specialty made cake at quarter of the cost AND you won’t be up at 2am trying to make it. Very quick, simple and impressive looking.

If you have any party tips you’d like to share, or even funny stories about when things did not go to plan, please drop us a line so we can pass them on to other mum’s and dad’s.

Happy Partying!

Group or Private Children’s Birthday Party ?

We have designed Madfun so you can afford to enjoy the full Madfun experience whether you are in a Private or Group Party.

The Group and Private Parties have the same staff, food and entertainment and the only difference is you can bring as few as 12 kids to a group party and share it with other parties.

You will have separate tables for food, presents and your party parents but the kids will mix in together on stage for dancing and games. We are a large venue with plenty of staff. Group sessions are designed to give you the same Madfun experience with a smaller size party. Group Sessions are suited to parties of 12 to 19 kids in your group.

Private parties are perfect for 20 or more children. We can seat up to 65 people, children and parents, at party tables.  You can even put some photos on a USB and our DJ will turn it into a slide show to play on our big screen throughout the party.

MadFun Children’s Birthday Party Venue Melbourne

MadFun Kids Discos is a great children’s birthday party idea because we supply everything except the lolly bags and the cake so all you need to do is relax and watch the kids have fun

Mad Children’s Birthday Party Discos have one simple price of $25 per child which includes the full on disco with great lighting, sound, a dance floor, some mics for kids to sing on, party games, a craft table, hot and cold food, water and cordial all through the party plus a glow bangle prize for every child.

Madfun Kids Party Discos will give your special birthday child a wonderful, happy party with their friends that they will remember forever.

 5 out of 5 stars

We love giving your kids the time of their life here’s what our guests have written to us about their Madfun experience …

We had my daughters 5th birthday party @ Madfun Kids Disco and it was the best.  My daughter loves singing and dancing and so did the rest of the kids (all 19 of them).  There was another party on at the same time but all the kids had fun together and it was really enjoyable.  It had everything, music, face painting, food, space for pressies!  Just really well run! And My daughter told us we are the best parents ever!  Thanks Beanie and the team! – Shannon

Great place, great staff. My 8 yr old had a wonderful disco party time with her friends at Madfun. All I had to do was bring the cake and party bags. Such an easy way to do a birthday party! Highly recommend for anyone out there who is looking for hassle free party ! – Barney

Kids had a ball, parents that stayed had a dance and had fun. Fantastic that everything is done for you, just had to bring cake but even that was cut and serve, very quickly to kids. Staff are great with kids and very friendly – Noniem

Beanie and her team helped to make our daughter’s 5th birthday party so memorable and fun. Everything was easy and not too much trouble, and it was a great experience for everyone. So much better than having 30 five year olds running around our backyard!! Have already recommended Madfun to friends for their next kids party. Thank you so much! – Courtney

Thank you so much for making Jayda’s birthday party a
tremendous success!!  She and her friends had an absolute ball!
Everything was perfect! She has earned a place in the hall of fame for the most
superb b/day party amongst her peers :-). You and your staff were absolutely
awesome and catered to our every need from the get go.Thanks again Guys!! We will definitely recommend you to our friends and family for an awesome kids b/day party experience! -Valencia, Michael & Jayda



MadFun Kids Discos Knox

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Our New Madfun Kids Disco Moorabbin

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Private Party Enquires

(Kids up to 16 years, Family Parties, Parties for 30 years plus)

Alan 0408 774438


Letters from mums about Madfun Children’s Birthday Party venue

Reviews on Children’s Birthday Parties

Thanks for your amazing work on Sat night with Jessica’s private party. The kids had a ball, it really couldn’t have been any better. Your team is fantastic as well and you guys made us feel welcome and at home. Really made our night very enjoyable. Thanks a lot. 🙂 Suzie

Hi Beanie, I wanted to thank you for such a wonderful day. Sophie absolutely loved her party. You and the other lovely ladies provided a fun packed, entertaining event. It was lovely to see all the children playing together. We found the early timeslot excellent for the prep age group. It also allowed the parents to stay and chat, which was great. Several people commented to us how they liked that during the statue game no one went out or had to sit down. So everyone could keep dancing and be entertained. Whoever came up with that idea hit the nail on the head. Carol Kelly

I just wanted to say Thank you for Lou Lou’s Birthday Party!! It was awesome, the kids had a ball. You and your staff were great!!!   Sara Maskall

Bridgitte and her friends had a fantastic time with Madfun. The Disco, atmosphere, food and the wonderful service it offers was fantastic. Thankyou Beanie and the Madfun team, I look forward to having future kids parties with Madfun. Best wishes. Mary

Thank you for a fantastic disco party for my daughter’s 7th birthday. Isabella and her group of friends had a great day thanks to your fun staff. It was a real party atmosphere – it was hard to keep the mums off the dance floor! From me, it was great to have everything organised in such an easy and quick way. All the very best. I will be sure to spread the word about your service. Thank you. Diana Waugh

Thank you Beanie for a wonderful party on Saturday… I wish you all the success you do a brilliant job. Regards, Shantelle

Great Kids Birthday Party Ideas in Melbourne

Great Free Kids Birthday Party Ideas in Melbourne

Sure we’d love you to come Madfun Kids Disco because Madfun is a great kids birthday party idea and kids love birthday parties at Madfun.

What happens though if its the year you’re not having a party?

The Ian Potter garden in the city is magic for young kids and it’s free !

Take the kids to South bank at night and they will feel grown up and be able to watch the street performers. Take your own drinks and sit by the Yarra River and get a million dollar view for nothing

The Astor Theatre in St Kilda isn’t free but it’s magic and it’s an experience rather than just a movie so why not take the kids to a movie there.

Take the kids down the end of the St Kilda for an Ice Cream or take them to the Dog beach in Brighton (you don’t even need a dog) and they will love it

The thousands steps at the base of the Dandenongs is free and a real challenge for kids (and you) because it’s pretty steep but a great little adventure for you and the kids (takes about an hour up and back).

You don’t have to ride the Puffing Billy to go to Emerald and watch it pull up at the station and puff away – it’s really exciting and the kids can get very close to the action too. After the train has left you can go to Emerald Lake and watch it arrive and that’s free (apart from parking)

Kids don’t need much except a bit of simple fun and loving parents



When should I arrive for my children’s birthday party?

A. We’ll have the room set up and all ready for you 10 minutes before the party start time, so please feel free to come in 10 mins early.

When should I bring in my children’s birthday party cake?

A. We ask you to bring your birthday cake with you when you come in for your party. Unfortunately we cannot store your cake prior to your party session. You are free to come on in 10 minutes before the party start time. Please remember to help keep Madfun Nut Free by not having nuts and macaroons (made from Almond meal) in your cakes.

0402 766025