Taking care of the adults at a kid’s party

Catering for parents at a kids party

At Madfun we see more and more parents have childrens parties in professional party rooms instead of at home.¬† That’s why your parents and relatives who want to stay are welcome to come. We provide free entry , free tea and coffee, platters to purchase if you wish and space to mingle for the adults too. We aim to make the whole day fun and relaxing for everyone

Your house isn’t made for kids parties

We design our venues for kids entertainment. As parents you don’t have to worry about your house getting wrecked. The kids do run around and may knock things over or leave stains behind. Our place gets marks and damage all the time. It is designed for kids parties so we just repaint and repair as part of our maintenance. Damage to your home is a different story


Separated ? Host your childs party in neutral territory

Kids living with seperated or remarried parents is very common. Everyone will enjoy the childs party in an independent venue because they will all feel welcome..

Professionally Organised Childrens parties are fun and easy

Good parents do not neccessarily make for great entertainers however professional party hosts with organised childrens party games ensure the kids are happy and occupied. The great thing about that is the parents can actually watch and enjoy their kids having a fantastic time

Catering for Parents at a childrens birthday party

Parents often need more attention that the kids. Childrens party food is very simple because kids like it that way. Parents however do enjoy something to snack on when they are mingling with other parents. That’s why its important to have at least a tea and coffee station for the adults which we provide for free. We have a range of platters we can order in or supply too.

Parties at home can cost as much as a party venue

The standard of venues offered for childrens parties can range from empty rooms to fully equipped kids birthday party venues.¬† If you are going to host a party make sure you work out the costs. Having a kids party at home often costs more than an organised children’s party venue.

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