Fun and Easy Kids Party

Organise a fun and easy kids party

If you’d like to organise a children’s party at home that is fun for both the kids and the parents then here’s a few tips

Have a time table that includes when the kids play games, have food and can also calm down a little

You don’t have to stick to an the exact times but if you have a schedule you will be far more relaxed about the party

Have the catering done for the parents

Even in a professional environment like ours, we find it’s cheaper and easier to have the local bakery make the sandwich platters. If you have the party at home then the oven will be cooking the kids party food so consider having any hot food pre made. Sushi is good too because no heating is required.

Have great sound

Did you know that sound is one of the most important things to get right because if the kids can’t hear the party hostess then things don’t work. If you do have access to a microphone with good speakers that is great. If you don’t then the old fashioned megaphones work and they are fun too – see if you can borrow one from school or a sports club.

Have small gifts the kids win during the games

Kids love winning a prize in games and they can be as simple of glow bands or $2 shop noveltys.

Be prepared for all weather

If you have an outside party organised make sure there is no Doggey Do and the yard is clean.

If you have a garage that you can set up as a wet weather location all the better

Have a bubbly fun party hostess

Kids are good followers and you need to have a leader who is fun and keeps control. If you’re not confident about that then we suggest you get a professional

The team at Madfun operate two fully fitted out childrens party discos in Knox and Moorabbin Melbourne and have gained this experience during the past 12 years of running childrens parties.


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