About Madfun

Madfun parties are all about your kids 

Beanie Beskin loves being a Children’s Birthday Party Host. She has been in entertainment and hospitality all her working life and there is no greater joy for her that to see children having a magical fun birthday experience. She’s a mum of two daughters so knows how important for , as parents, to be able to sit back and take in the day too. 
Everyone at Madfun understands that this is your childs special day and we devote ourselves to make the day exciting and memorable   
We promise to take care of you and treat your kids with love and respect.   

Beanie has run children’s parties for over 15 years and started Madfun over 10 years ago. She has created Madfun so that your children can have a happy exciting day and so you have the time to enjoy your childs special day too. 

madfun has fun birthday party hostesses

Before kids entertainment Beanie managed comedy celebration venues for over 15 years – she is fully first aid trained

Fun kids party entertainment

The first kids disco we ran was for Beanies daughter at our comedy venue. The kids loved it so much we decided to start Madfun Kids Disco

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