Kids Party Food

A fully catered childrens birthday party

Your entry price includes all hot and cold birthday party food as well as cordial and water throughout the party. We make sure your children have plenty to eat and drink so they don’t think about anything except having a great time.  You just need to choose which menu you’d like from the options below and let us know the week prior to the party at the latest.

Bring your Kids Birthday Cake when you arrive 

You need to bring your regular or frozen birthday cake to Madfun when you arrive for the party and then we’ll care take of everything else. We will store it during the party, bring it out with sparklers and candles then , after you’ve sang Happy Birthday, we’ll take the cake to the kitchen, cut it up, plate it and supply the plates and plastic forks for the kids and the parents. 

Kids Party Food Starters

There at snacks at the table as soon as your kids enter Madfun.

Madfun is a fully equipped disco party room so we have found that the kids need a little bit of time to take it all in and they usually do that by nibbling on the snacks at their table or by getting an Arm Design done by our Face Painting artists (Arm designs are the next best thing to Face Painting right now because of Covid)

We always use fresh bread baked that morning for the Fairy Bread and the kids love it. There is something about Fairy Bread that is timeless. There is also potato chips and lollies on the tables too.

Your Madfun party is carefully timed and we stop for hot food around the half way point of the party to let the kids settle a little and rest.


Fairy Bread, Potato Chips and Lollies when your kids arrive 

Childrens Party Fairy Bread Madfun Kids Discos

The party starts with snacks on your table then choose one of the 3 hot food options below

Choose one of these four birthday party food options

Optional Extra Kids Platters – $35 Each 

1. Watermelon Platter  2. Carrot and Cucumber Platter  3. Apple Juice Boxes   

For the safety of all children – Allergy free kids party food

If your child suffers from food allergies we are happy to help. Let us know at least a week beforehand so together we can we can work out how best to cater to your child’s needs. Our standard menu is Dairy Free and Nut free so it covers many allergies. We cater for Gluten free children too. Still worried about your child? We understand. You are very welcome to bring along your own lunch box for your child.

Important Safety Message

Madfun is a nut free venue

For the safety of the childrenthere are  no nuts in any food we supply at Madfun.  No Nuts are to be brought into Madfun. No Macaroons (made from Almond Meal) and no Nutella  (made from Hazel nuts) incorporated into the design of your cake.

Thank you on behalf of every child with an allergy 

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