Private Children’s Birthday Party venue

Private Birthday Party Venue Melbourne

Madfun Kids Disco can be book as a Private Children’s Birthday Party Venue.

We have a lot of private family childrens birthday parties and they are popular because when your kids  birthday party booked as a private birthday party you can invite kids, adults and relatives can drop in too.

You can cater for the parents or we provide a range of adult platters

Tea and coffee is always included in our Madfun private parties sessions too

Our kids party venues at Knox and Moorabbin are a great birthday party idea because we do everything for you so it’s a fully catered kids party venue. Madfun is designed only to host kids parties too.

These Childrens party venues in Melbourne have a range of private childrens party packages and private family party packages for when you have a big number of adults as well as kids.

You can book a private party session for any age group in any session available

Madfun Kids Disco are a fantastic Private Children’s Birthday Party venue becuase at the end of the session you can go home with happy tired kids and put your feet up whilst we clean up the mess !

Junior kids party sessions are for

Four year old kids parties, five year old childrens parties and six year old parties too

Young Kids Party Sessions  are for

Seven year old kids parties, eight year old childrens parties and nine year old parties too

Primary School Party Sessions  are for

Nine year old kids parties, Ten year old childrens parties and Eleven year old parties too

Two Big Venues at Melbourne at Knox and Moorabbin

Please call to chat about a party for you just call Beanie on 0402 766 025 anytime

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