Madfun Kids Party Venue Knox 360 degree view

Madfun Kids Parties Knox 360 degree view 

(click on little arrows on compass at lower right in picture to move around)  

Madfun Knox is a purpose built children’s birthday party venue

We make everything easy to so your child can have a fantastic children’s birthday party.

Madfun is a fully catered children’s party venue.

Our party hostesses  set up the birthday party so you can walk in and enjoy your child’s party. 

The Madfun party girls clean up the party venue afterwards.

Madfun is an organised children’s party with games and dancing

Every children’s party session  has kids party games and we play fantastic kids party music 

Madfun includes free face painting for every child

Our kids party venue provides excellent professional quality free face painting for every child in every birthday party at Madfun.

Every birthday party child wins a small prize during our games so they feel involved.

Kids birthday disco dance party 

The Madfun sound and lighting system is fantastic and powerful so we can play music clearly at a lower volume. Your kids will love our kids dance party venue.

Madfun really is an awesome mini disco children’s birthday party venue that your kids will absolutely love.

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