Indoor children’s parties Melbourne

If you are organising a kids party in the Melbourne winter then chances are you are looking for a kids birthday party idea that will be  hosted indoors.

Madfun kids birthday party discos are indoor and the room is huge which allows the kids to run around, dance and have a great time indoors during the Melbourne winter.

At Madfun Kids Birthday Discos you can book your children’s birthday party into a group session or you can have a private party if you have a ¬†lot of kids or your budget allows it.

You can also book a private children’s party at Madfun kids disco and have a family birthday party by including your friends and family to your children’s birthday celebration.

We provide children’s party food as part of the party and we can also cater for birthday party food and platters for the adults too. There is a menu we can send you on that.

Maybe you don’t have the indoor room at your house to host a family party or maybe you don’t want the mess but either way we can cater for adults as well as kids at your children’s birthday party and we can clean up the mess too.

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