Girls Birthday Parties Melbourne

The great news is that organising a girls birthday party in Melbourne for girls aged from about four years old up until around twelve years old is that they young girls this age are very happy and naturally easy to please when it comes to their birthday party needs.

Young girls celebrating their birthday like to be with their friends singing, dancing and  dressing up and, like it or not, they like to scream a bit too and make plenty of noise.

There are lots of fun things you can do for your girls birthday party and Madfun Kids Disco is only one of many choices.

If you do come to Madfun we have organised our girls parties so the girls can sing including karaoke, dance under fantastic disco lights surrounded by smoke just like the latest pop star who is the “best ever”  and we have also designed Madfun so they can run around and scream as much as they like (we just turn the music up!)

With your daughters birthday party we suggest just keep it easy and it’s all about the memories and ensuring they have a fun experience. Young girls celebrating their birthday  don’t really care how fancy the party is or how much money you spend they just want to have fun with their friends.

If you have the budget you can come to Madfun and they can experience a full on disco just like the grown ups do or if it’s going to be a quieter year you can rig up a less elaborate disco in the garage with a few lights and some speakers from the lounge room. As long as the girls are all together they’ll have fun








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