What is the minimum number you can take to Madfun kids disco ?

The great thing about running a kids disco is there is more than one group at the party so we only require a minimum number  of 12 for our weekend parties and there is always a great party atmosphere. You have separate tables and food for your group regardless of the number of kids you bring so it will still be your special party surrounded in lots of action, music and dance. So just relax and enjoy your kids party.

I love the kid’s disco but I want a Private Children’s Birthday Party

A: Madfun Disco is a fully dedicated kids disco venue along with the costs associated with running the venue for that one purpose. Just like an adult disco if you wanted the entire session to yourself you would need to do a private booking.

1.5 hour private bookings start at only $600 and includes catering and face painting for up to 20 children

2 hour private bookings start at $750 and includes catering and face painting for up to 20 children

Regular weekend sessions have a minimum of only 12 children

Kids have absolutely no problems being with other kids in fact it’s quite the opposite because you can bring a smaller party and it’s still great fun.

Every party has separate tables, separate food but all the benefits of the disco including the games, face painting music, craft and incredible atmosphere.

Still want your own private party session?
Call Beanie on 0402 766 025 to design a party just for you


Can I bring things to decorate the children’s party table?

A: The room is so dark small table decorations are just not seen. There’s no need to go to the trouble and expense as the tables are already really colourful and special, so it’s best to save your decorations for dinner that night at home where you can see and enjoy them.

*Any helium balloons must be weighted down as we simply cannot get them down from the ceiling if they become loose

*Pinatas are not permitted in the venue. Again this is something best enjoyed at home.


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