How to Organise a childrens birthday party
How to Organise a childrens birthday party

Organising a Kids Party  

If you have decided to have a kids party then here’s a few tips on how to have a hassle free and fun children’s birthday party.

Compare the cost of a catered birthday party and a home children’s party venue 

If you’re going to a venue then choose a party place that is fun for the kids and easy for you too. We’ve all run home parties where us mum’s are stuck in the kitchen or running around throughout the duration of party and miss out on everything except the cake and the birthday song and that’s not how to remember a birthday. Compare the cost and if you want to provide the same entertainment and atmosphere you will find a home party may actually be more expensive.

Keep the parents happy at the kids birthday party 

Choose a kids party venue that is easy for parents to get to and if there is something for them to do if they have to drop off the kids then that is an added bonus. Madfun Kids Disco is 5 mins from Knox City Shopping Centre and our Moorabbin venue is 5 mins  from the Moorabbin DFO so  parents can go and have a coffee or do some shopping if they would like too. We also have tea and coffee available at our venues, plus we can order in Sandwich or fruit platters or cook hot food platters if parents of younger children wish to stay. You can also bring in your own food for parents too, just make sure it’s Nut Free.

Keep the party to a maximum of one and half hours for kids. It’s fun until the kids get tired and that’s the limit of kids endurance before the tears and tantrums start.

Have some simple fun games for you childrens birthday party  

Have some simple organised games prepared. Kids will do almost anything you ask them so if you organise games and activities they will participate and they love it. At Madfun we have a party hostess for every session and children’s birthday party games that include dancing, singing and other children’s birthday party games.

Serve childrens birthday party food half way through party 

Have a break half way through the party and sit them down for something to eat. Play softer music, give them something to eat and drink and just get the kids to rest for 10-15 minutes and then they’ll be ready to go again

Have someone clean up after your childrens birthday party 

If you’re thinking of having a party at home, you’ll have to clean up before everyone arrives and then again after everyone’s leaves. Kids will be happy (and tired) no matter what you do, so try to organise a party where you can walk out the door at the end and leave someone else to clean up.

The kids care more about loving and fun parents than anything else so be fun be excited and just be there.


Private Children’s Birthday Party venue

Private Birthday Party Venue Melbourne

Madfun Kids Disco can be book as a Private Children’s Birthday Party Venue.

We have a lot of private family childrens birthday parties and they are popular because when your kids  birthday party booked as a private birthday party you can invite kids, adults and relatives can drop in too.

You can cater for the parents or we provide a range of adult platters

Tea and coffee is always included in our Madfun private parties sessions too

Our kids party venues at Knox and Moorabbin are a great birthday party idea because we do everything for you so it’s a fully catered kids party venue. Madfun is designed only to host kids parties too.

These Childrens party venues in Melbourne have a range of private childrens party packages and private family party packages for when you have a big number of adults as well as kids.

You can book a private party session for any age group in any session available

Madfun Kids Disco are a fantastic Private Children’s Birthday Party venue becuase at the end of the session you can go home with happy tired kids and put your feet up whilst we clean up the mess !

Junior kids party sessions are for

Four year old kids parties, five year old childrens parties and six year old parties too

Young Kids Party Sessions  are for

Seven year old kids parties, eight year old childrens parties and nine year old parties too

Primary School Party Sessions  are for

Nine year old kids parties, Ten year old childrens parties and Eleven year old parties too

Two Big Venues at Melbourne at Knox and Moorabbin

Please call to chat about a party for you just call Beanie on 0402 766 025 anytime

MadFun Children’s Birthday Party Venue Melbourne

MadFun Kids Discos is a great children’s birthday party idea because we supply everything except the lolly bags and the cake so all you need to do is relax and watch the kids have fun

Madfun Children’s Birthday Party Discos includes the full on disco with great lighting, sound, a dance floor, some mics for kids to sing on, party games, a craft table, hot and cold food, water and cordial all through the party plus a glow bangle prize for every child.

Madfun Kids Party Discos will give your special birthday child a wonderful, happy party with their friends that they will remember forever.

 5 out of 5 stars

We love giving your kids the time of their life here’s what our guests have written to us about their Madfun experience …

We had my daughters 5th birthday party @ Madfun Kids Disco and it was the best.  My daughter loves singing and dancing and so did the rest of the kids (all 19 of them).  There was another party on at the same time but all the kids had fun together and it was really enjoyable.  It had everything, music, face painting, food, space for pressies!  Just really well run! And My daughter told us we are the best parents ever!  Thanks Beanie and the team! – Shannon

Great place, great staff. My 8 yr old had a wonderful disco party time with her friends at Madfun. All I had to do was bring the cake and party bags. Such an easy way to do a birthday party! Highly recommend for anyone out there who is looking for hassle free party ! – Barney

Kids had a ball, parents that stayed had a dance and had fun. Fantastic that everything is done for you, just had to bring cake but even that was cut and serve, very quickly to kids. Staff are great with kids and very friendly – Noniem

Beanie and her team helped to make our daughter’s 5th birthday party so memorable and fun. Everything was easy and not too much trouble, and it was a great experience for everyone. So much better than having 30 five year olds running around our backyard!! Have already recommended Madfun to friends for their next kids party. Thank you so much! – Courtney

Thank you so much for making Jayda’s birthday party a
tremendous success!!  She and her friends had an absolute ball!
Everything was perfect! She has earned a place in the hall of fame for the most
superb b/day party amongst her peers :-). You and your staff were absolutely
awesome and catered to our every need from the get go.Thanks again Guys!! We will definitely recommend you to our friends and family for an awesome kids b/day party experience! -Valencia, Michael & Jayda



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