Covid Safe Parties

Madfun Childrens Parties Melbourne Covid Practices

No contact with other childrens party groups at Madfun

Madfun kids parties are private kids party venues in their own separate building so there will be no contact with anyone else.

Madfun Kids birthday party rooms are used exclusively for childrens parties so no one hires or uses the venues at any other time.

Madfun is fully Covid cleaned for your kids birthday party

Our kids party venues are cleaned before, during and after every session to covid specifications

Madfun does not allow anyone into our party venues if they are not fully vaccinated

All your guests will be temperature tested by an electronic approved scanner, proof of vaccination will be checked and scan in will be required by the Vic Government Covid.

Any parents who are not double vaccinated can drop off and pick up their children but cannot attend

Madfun venues are well ventilated with positive fresh air flow running through the building

Madfun has large air conditioning systems that draw fresh air from outside and create a positive air flow (the air is pushed out of the building) and we have modified the entries with child proof gates so we can have the doors open at the front and back.

The roofs are 4 metres high with ventilation at the top of the ceiling therefore creating an almost outdoor level of fresh air.

We will ensure that you are as safe as possible and we will take care of you.

Madfun offer a 100% Covid Refund Policy so you can book with confidence

You can book with confidence because if your party is cancelled, due to Covid, you can cancel and receive a full refund or we will find a new date for you once we are able to open up again.

Madfun Kids Parties Opening Times in 2022

Madfun Knox and Moorabbin reopen Feb 2022

Kids Childrens Parties in Melbourne during January 2022

During January we have a break as kids are often away on holidays and a lot of invited kids can’t make it to parties.

Madfun Kids Parties operate every weekend starting from February 5th 2022

Madfun Private Childrens Parties start from Saturday February the 5th and run every Saturday and Sunday at our two locations in Knox and Moorabbin. There are four party sessions a day to choose from and you can book up to a year ahead.

Book your 2022 Childrens Party

We still take bookings through January so you can call and we’ll get back to you on the same day. You can book your own private children’s party and we’ll even send you custom party invites by email or phone with all your party info pre filled.

Organise your childs party as early as you like

You can organise and book your childrens birthday party weeks or even months ahead at Madfun if you wish. We take a $100 fully rtefundable deposit when you book and balance is due the week prior to the party.

Booking price is the price you pay for your kids party

Once you have booked your party that price remains the same even if our prices go up before your party

The Madfun Kids Disco team have over thirty years experience in organising great parties

The owners of Madfun have been running organsied celebration venues for over 30 years and we have designed the day to be a fantastic kids party for the children you invite plus a relaxing and happy day for you and all the parents.

A completely organised and catered childrens party

We time and organise the entire party from the moment you walk in the door until the moment your party ends. Our party hostesses time food, entertainment, activities, dancing, craft, prizes, arm painting and even free tea and coffee for your adult guests and it’s all included in the price !

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Tips on organising a girls birthday party

Organising a girls birthday party

tips on organising a girls birthday party

Decide on the venue for your girl’s birthday party:

If you want to have it at home instead of a custom designed kids birthday venue then here are some tips.

Designate a room for the party but be realistic in your expectations, kids will gravitate to your daughters’ bedroom. Discuss your boundaries with your daughter before hand, so all you need is a gentle reminder once in a while during the party. If you plan to keep children out of the house and in the yard make sure you have cleaned up the dog poop so the kids can play.

Remember to have a wet weather alternative like a garage cleared and ready for use. If you do have a pet be aware that not all kids are comfortable around animals, and that even the gentlest of dogs can get excitable around a group of children.

Have fun girl’s party Invitations

Madfun Kids Birthday Parties supply free pre filled email Kids Party Invitations ready to print with all the information about the venue, date time filled in when you book your party

Birthday girls love to be included in making invitations. Create your own on the computer, just make sure you have all the basics covered –Address, Day, Date and Time, RSVP and Contact Phone Number. If you don’t have a colour printer just decorate them with a few stickers, or print them out on coloured paper.

Don’t be upset if people don’t RSVP – in this day and age where anyone can quickly shoot off a text or email there really is no excuse not to respond to a party invitation. If they haven’t responded you can usually assume they aren’t coming.

Timing:Allow 1 ½ hours for a party for 4-6 year olds, 2 hours for 7-12 year olds.

Kids Birthday Lolly Bags

can be a great craft activity. Have a craft table set aside with felt pens and some stickers ready for the kids to name and decorate their own lolly bags or boxes. Collect them all and pop in your pre-organised lollies to give out as they leave. That will take care of the first 30 mins of your party.

Kids Birthday Presents

You want your daughter to be available to say hello to her guests at the start of the party so leave opening the presents until the end. Otherwise you’ll run out of time for any planned activities, or brand new toys will get lost or broken before she’s had a chance to play with them.

Birthday Party Food

Have drinks especially and a few snacks available throughout the party and then bring out hot food or sandwiches after games are played. Keep it simple – do you really want to be stuck trying to cook party pies in the oven at one temperature and vegetarian pasties at another? If you plan on having parents of guests staying also, again keep it simple, if you put on an amazing spread they’ll feel pressured to do the same for their child’s party. Dips and biscuits work just fine.

Birthday Party Entertainers

Do you want the entertainer to look after the whole group of children at once like a clown or magician? Or are you happy to have a Face Painter who can only look after one child at a time? If you wish to book someone to come to your home have them ready to start at least 15 minutes after the party start time so the birthday girl has time to greet all her guests first, then the entertainer can get and keep everyone’s attention. Most entertainers take cash on the day, so pop it in an envelope on the fridge ready so you’re not running around in a panic. If you’re celebrating say a 3rd birthday but 15 out of the 20 invited guests will be 10 years old it will make a difference, so be sure to let your entertainer know beforehand. Plan to serve hot food or cake before or after, not during, the entertainers show.

When Birthday Cakes Go Wrong

You’ve chosen your cake with care and then disaster strikes. I’ve seen cake boxes get sat on in cars, Ice cream cakes left out of the freezer and pre-ordered cakes just not delivered, or you planned to make it yourself but have just run out of time. Coles and Woolworths have Themed Cakes, Decorated Cupcakes and the good ol’ Fredo Frog Ice-Cream Cake always in stock and very affordable. I’ve never seen a party of kids disappointed in any of these last minute buys. A fantastic cheat tip: get two Woolies or Coles chocolate cakes & pop them on top of each other, surround the outside with KitKats (stick them on with a little bit of icing sugar) and pour mini m&m’s over the top. It looks like an expensive specialty made cake at quarter of the cost AND you won’t be up at 2am trying to make it. Very quick, simple and impressive looking.

If you have any party tips you’d like to share, or even funny stories about when things did not go to plan, please drop us a line so we can pass them on to other mum’s and dad’s.

Happy Partying!

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