Choosing a great kids party venue

Why Madfun is a great Kids Birthday Party venue 

After over 20 years of organising kids parties here’s our suggestions for what we have found will make a  great childrens birthday party.

Go to a place that is designed for kids parties, get an all inclusive price for food drink, games and entertainment.

Make sure you can book the place out for a private family birthday party if that’s what you want.

Choose an organised childrens party venue. You only organise parties once a year whilst professionals do it every weekend so they are really good at making sure your children enjoy a great party 

Choose somewhere that is only used for kids birthday parties

Madfun Kids Discos are only used as children’s birthday party venues. They are beautifully set up kids party venues so your child will have a fantastic birthday. You can relax and enjoy the fun of the party too

Don’t have your party at home if you’re worried about things getting broken or dirty 

Nice homes and kids running around can often have messy results. Madfun is (almost) “unbreakable” so your kids can be free and energetic at their birthday party. You’ll love leaving the mess to us and going home to a nice clean house too  

Get the food taken care of  – it’s easier and usually cheaper too 

Madfun prices include the birthday party food, drink, entertainment, a glow bangle prize and free arm painting for every child.  Plates, forks and sparklers for your birthday cake are provided too. 

Let Professionals entertain your kids  

From the moment your children walk in the door they will enjoy activities including games, dances, craft and karaoke for the older kids parties too. We organise and time the entire party and adapt to the age of your children and the activities they like to do the most.

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