Kids Party Games

 Kid’s Birthday Party Games

Madfun is a fully equipped disco designed just for kids. There is plenty of room for children’s birthday party games and every child wins a glow bangle prize so we all glow in the dark!

Activities for each session are catered to the age group of your children so the songs, sound levels and videos are all age appropriate. 

Free Face Painting for every child

Kids love Face Painting! Every Madfun party includes one free Face Paint or Arm Design for every child. 

Your special birthday child can come back and try as many Face and Arm Designs as they like (time permitting) because it is their special day.

  • Musical Statues   
  • Limbo     
  • Learn a new dance routine
  • Request your favourtie song from our DJ 
  • One Free Face Paint or Arm Design for every child in every party 
  • Karaoke for the 6yrs and older parties   
  • Craft (craft material supplied) 
  • Slide show of personal photos (Private Parties only) 

 DJ will play your kids requests 

Madfun is equipped with professional quality audio and lighting so the music sounds fantastic. Each party is unique because the DJ takes requests too  

Our full time DJ ensures that the music style, sound level and videos are suited to your session too

Fun Birthday Party Hostesses

Your children will love our happy, friendly party hostesses who will guide them through the party and ensure they are enjoying themselves 

You will love our party hostesses too because you will be able to relax and watch your children having a great time 

 Karaoke in older parties

MadFun supplies cordless microphones for your group to share, so the kids can sing along to the music and live the life of a mini rock star if they wish!

MadFun has a big screen projector so the children can watch themselves dance on the big screen or watch the video clips. (No children are recorded by MadFun)

Craft and Face Painting Stations 

We ensure that all kids have their free Face or Arm Paint so we have fast  trained Face Painters at every session. 

Our Craft Stations are equipped with all the materials needed for your little people to create their own masterpiece too 

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