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Madfun offers free entry for adults at your childrens party

Why Madfun kids parties provide free entry for adults

At Madfun we know that more and more parents are having childrens parties in professional party rooms instead of at home for a whole number of reasons and that’s why your parents and relatives who want to stay are allowed free entry into our kids party venues.

Avoid damage to the house during a kids party

A Childrens birthday party room is designed for kids entertainment so parents aren’t worried about their house getting wrecked by kids running around and knocking things over or leaving stains on the carpet or walls



Divorced couples host their childs party in neutral territory

Kids living with seperated or remarried parents is a part of life now and the great thing about hosting your childs party at a party room or kids party venue is that it is neutral ground for everyone. This allows parents, relatives and in laws from each side of the family to come and enjoy the childs party without any pressure or feeling they are intruding.

Professionally Organised Childrens parties are fun and easy

Good parents do not neccessarily make for great entertainers however professional party hosts with organised childrens party games ensure the kids are happy and occupied. The great thing about that is the parents can actually watch and enjoy their kids having a fantastic time

Catering for Parents at a childrens birthday party

As strange as it sounds, it is the parents that need the most attention when it comes to catering at a childrens party. Childrens party food is very simple because kids like it that way. Parents however do enjoy something to snack on when they are standing at the back talking during the party. That’s why its important to go to a childrens venue that has catering for adults or allows you to bring in catering for adults and also has the capacity to provide tea and coffee too.

Look for a professionally equippped Party Room

The standard of venues can range from bare empty rooms to fully equipped kids birthday party centres so make sure you are aware of the standard of the venue before you book

Fun children’s party idea Melbourne

Madfun Kids Disco are a fun childrens party Idea for you and your kids

Your kids will love Madfun and you’ll love Madfun childrens birthday partys because we are a fully catered childrens party venue. We organise birthday party food, kids party entertainment, childrens face painting, games, singing and we clean up the mess afterwards too !

An easy kids party

The big difference between having a party at home or having a birthday party at Madfun Kids Disco is that we have designed Madfun specifically to make it lots of fun with no hassles.

Even if you are the world’s greatest organiser you will still miss a lot of your child’s birthday party if you have it at home because you’ll need to organise everything.

Catered and we clean up

When the party is over you can kiss every body goodbye and leave us with the mess because we have everything we need to clean  Madfun up in lightning speed – everyone is happy.

Madfun isn’t just a business to us it’s a place where we can create happiness and give you and your kids a happy memorable experience

Two big kids birthday party venues in Knox and Moorabbin

Children’s Birthday Party Locations

Kid’s Birthday Party Locations in Melbourne

We have two Madfun Children’s Birthday party venues in Melbourne at Knox and Moorabbin

Madfun Kids Party Venue Knox (established 2010)

3/5 Sherwood Court, Wantirna South, 3152
Less than 5 min from Knox Shopping Centre, just off Lewis Rd.

Madfun Children’s Party Venue Moorabbin (established 2017)

3/43 Kembla St, Cheltenham, 3192
3 min from DFO Moorabbin, just off Grange Rd.


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