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Booking a Madfun Kids Parties

Booking Madfun Kids Parties  Knox and Moorabbin

Madfun Kids Parties operate every weekend

Madfun Private Childrens Parties run every Saturday and Sunday at our two locations in Knox and Moorabbin. There are four party sessions a day to choose from and you can book up to a year ahead.

How do you book your Childrens Birthday Party

Call us and choose a day and time. Once confirmed you can pay your deposit over the phone and we’ll send you free party invites by email or phone with all your party info pre filled.

Organise your childs party as early as you like

You can organise and book your childrens birthday party weeks or even months ahead at Madfun if you wish. We take a fully refundable deposit when you book and balance is due the week prior to the party.

Booking price is the price you pay for your kids party

Once you have booked your party that price remains the same even if our prices go up before your party

A completely organised and catered childrens party

We time and organise the entire party from the moment you walk in the door until the moment your party ends. Our party hostesses organise food, entertainment, activities, dancing, craft, prizes, arm painting and even free tea and coffee for your adult guests and it’s all included in the price !

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