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Childrens Birthday Party Food

Childrens Birthday Party Food

You can bring in adult food or we can provide hot or cold platters for the parents.

Catering for adults at your childrens party

You don’t need to bring extra food because we serve plenty of food for the kids and we would never have them be hungry or thirsty. We do not charge for adults at your Madfun kids party. You are welcome to invite adult realtions up to the equal number of paying children

Managing allergies at your kids party

If your child has allergies then by all means bring something that you know they can eat. Give us a call first because with at least a weeks notice we may be able to do something for you, so you can relax and enjoy the birthday party as well.

Vegetarian birthday party food

Vegetarian alternatives are available, but remember to let us know in advance.
We can usually provide a table for parents so you are welcome to bring in something for the adults.

If you do, keep it simple as the parties are designed to be fun and easy for you as well as the kids, or we can provide hot & cold platters for adults.

Please note we cannot cook or reheat any hot food that you wish to bring in. Fruit platters are welcome but no fruit on skewers please.

We appreciate your help in keeping MadFun Nut Free!

Fun Kids Birthday Party idea in Melbourne
Fun Kids Birthday Party idea in Melbourne

Madfun Kids Discos is a fun birthday party idea if you live in Melbourne

Madfun is a dedicated kids birthday disco venue. We have tweo locations at Knox and Moorabbin.

We run private childrens birthday party sessions and we welcome parents to stay for free

A party at Madfun includes

  • All hot and cold food including party favourites like Party Pies, Sausage Rolls and Fairy Bread
  • Unlimited cordial and water throughout the party
  • A happy Party Hostess who organises the whole sessions entertainment
  • A fully supplied Craft Area
  • A prize for every child
  • Kids Songs, Dances and Games

We present your child’s birthday cake and supply plates and forks

Toward the end of the party we’ll bring out the cakes at the same time and the whole room sings ‘Happy Birthday’ together. Then while the party host organises the kids up on stage for group photo’s we’ll cut up the birthday cakes ready to serve to your party guests and parents in our bowls.

Madfun Kids Parties now open

We have now opened both Madfun Knox and Moorabbin for private parties

You can book your own private children’s party and invite the parents or your relatives for free

Your kids have been stuck inside and Madfun’s party is full of light, colour and sound plus there is plenty of room to dance, sing and have a great time.

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