Free face painting for every child at Madfun kids disco

Kids absolutely love face painting and arm designs and when we first started Madfun we used to only do face painting for the birthday child. We quickly learned that face painting is so popular and so important to the kids that we train all our floor staff to face paint and we use high quality Australian made face paints which makes a huge difference. 

Beanie has been trained by local and International face painters and even Hollywood make up artists and she then trains all our girls to do a great job for your kids. It’s a lot of effort to include Free Face painting for every child in every session at Madfun Kids Discos but the kids love it so much it’s all worth it.

All the party guests get only one face or arm design during the party (sorry mums, we don’t have time to paint you too) so they need to choose their face or arm design carefully. Your child doesn’t even have to say anything to our face painters if they’re shy, they just have to point to the picture. Easy Peasy! The birthday child can have more as this is their special day. Face paint is a very time consuming and costly thing to do but the kids love it so much we decided to include this in the party price. Our face painters will always honour the child’s choice.

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