Do you charge for adults at Madfun Kids Discos?

No we don’t however you cannot have more adults than children because then it is a grown up party and we would need to talk about that

We can supply hot & cold platters for you at a cost, but they must be pre-ordered or if you would like to bring along your own platter for parents, please keep it simple as we often see party mums go to a lot of effort only to have to cart it all home again.
Please note that we cannot cook or re-heat any food that you may bring in. Madfun is a NUT FREE venue so no nuts please.

Parents are free to help themselves to the cordial and water throughout the party and all private parties are provided with a  free tea and coffee station where parenst can help themselves. This is very popular with parents because they can have a chat with other parents whilst enjoying a free hot coffee or tea.

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