Birthday Party Ideas

Planning a great children’s birthday party

Listen to your child and do what they want

Some kids are quiet and don’t like being the centre of attention. We all want our children to be outgoing and confident but not every child is born that way. Many high achievers are big thinkers but quiet by nature. Think about what comes naturally to your child and design the party around their strengths.

Have your kids party in a place where kids can be messy

We do run kids party venues so it sounds biased, but if you choose a party place designed for active kids then it will be fun for everyone. You’ll be free from worry about your home and feeling obligated to clean up throughout the party. Even the best behaved kids go slightly crazy when there is a party and that’s better to happen in an environment that is designed for kids party action.

Be in the moment for you and your child

No matter what you do or where you go we suggest you have someone, who is not related, assist with preparing and running the party. That way you will actually be in the moment and enjoy the magic of your beautiful child enjoying a great childrens party. Life goes so fast which is why you need to soak in those memories. You won’t remember how much you paid someone to help you but you will always remember the day if you are in the moment and in the photos too.

Cater for the parents

If the kids are young then the parents will stay so provide them with biscuits tea and coffee from an urn (not cappuccinos they take too long to make). Nearly all our parents buy platters that we have made at the local bakery (it’s not worth doing it yourself) or hot food platters.¬† Parents are usually far more demanding than the kids – believe or not and we suggest you watch¬† your child have a great time rather than running after the parents.

At Madfun we provide all the food, drink and entertainment for the kids in an awesome disco built just for kids and we doteh catering for the adults or you can bring in food too. We also supply free tea and coffee for the parents too.


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