Best Birthday Party Venues

Madfun Kids Party Christmas Holiday dates

Last childrens parties for 2023 and first parties for 2024

We’re having a short break over Christmas but we will still answer email enquiries for bookings every business day so you can still book in for any date in 2024.

Last Madfun Kids Parties for 2023  – Sunday December 17th both venues

The last parties for both Knox and Moorabbin Madfun discos are on the weekend of December 16th and 17th 2023

First Madfun Childrens parties Moorabbin for 2024 – Jan 13th 

Madfun Moorabbin starts running again on the weekend of  January 13th and 14th 2024 and then every weekend as usual.

First Madfun Childrens parties Knox for 2024 – Jan 13th 

Madfun Knox starts running again on the weekedn of January the 13th and 14th 2024 and then every weekend as usual.

Booking Office opening hours during Christmas/New Years 

We will check the enquires and phone calls each business day during the holidays so if you would like to check availability by filling in this form and we will get back to you the next business day

The booking office will be re open full time from Monday January 15th 2024.

On behalf of all the staff at Madfun may we wish you and your family love and happiness for this Christmas break

How to plan the best kids birthday party ever

Here’s some tips we hope you find helpful to make the “best kids party ever”. The best partys are where kids and parents have a fun day.

We’d love to you to come to Madfun but no matter where you go these suggestions will help.

What’s the best kids birthday party venue 

Whether at home or a venue outside these things make a great kids party venue

  • Food on the tables throughout the party for the kids to graze on. Chips, Fairy Bread, Lollies
  • Hot food like cocktail sausages, party pies, sausages rolls, vege rolls at a midway break during the party.
  • A drink station so kids can refresh themselves at all times during the party as they do run around a lot and get thirsty
  • Timed entertainment run by a party hostess with games, dances, prizes
  • A well sized private area where your kids can enjoy themselves just with their friends
  • A place for parents where they can mingle – Free admission if it’s a venue
  • A tea and coffee station for the parents

What makes a great childrens birthday party

The best kids’ parties are timed and well organised. You should relax and watch the kids have fun whilst talking to the parents over a cuppa. Ideally you should arrange to have a party hostess and helpers (friends or professionals) co-ordinate the whole party. As an example the party activities include

  • Introduction to the party
  • Snacks at table on entry
  • Prepare and serve hot food
  • Drink station top ups
  • Face painting or arm painting
  • Games and prizes
  • Singing happy birthday,
  • Cake cutting and cutlery
  • Dancing
  • Photos at the end.

Catering for parents at a kid’s party

Part of having a great kids party is also providing for the parents. Parents with young children will stay at the  party. If you give them tea and coffee and a place to mingle they will be happy. You can also provide platters. Experience has shown us that it is  easier and cheaper to buy platters than to make them yourself. If you come to Madfun we can provide hot and cold platters delivered to the venue ready for your party. 

Great Kids Party Invitations

You need to provide the key information like Address, Day, Date and Time, RSVP and Contact Phone Number. You can decorate the party invitations with a few stickers or print them out on coloured paper. We have found that parents love invites sent by email and mobile phone texts too.

When you book a party at Madfun we provide free Kids Party Invitations with your birthday party information prefilled. Madfun invites can be sent via email or text.

How many children will come to the party  

Don’t be upset if people don’t RSVP. Some people don’t respond, and, if they don’t,  you should assume they aren’t coming. You should be prepared if a few extras come on the day. We suggest you take final numbers as the ones who have confirmed.

How long should a 6 year olds kid’s party go for 

We have found one and a half hours is perfect for a 6 year old party. Older kids can manage 2 hours.  Allow 15 minutes in the middle of the party. Have the kids sit quietly and have some hot food and a rest.  If there are a lot of kids older than 6  you could run the party for two hours. A party that is too long exhausts the kids and it’s better to have them leave a little earlier on a high.

Kids Birthday Lolly Bags

A lot of parents don’t give out lolly bags these days but if you would like to then you can either buy lolly bags from the venue or a lolly bag supplier who has a big range. If you do make up your own lolly bags then just keep them simple with a few novelty’s from the $2 shop and a little bag of sweets – nothing too fancy.

Organising Birthday Presents at a kid’s party 

Make up a present table at the entry to your party and even put a sign saying “present table”. You want your daughter to be available to say hello to her guests at the start of the party so leave opening the presents until the end or when you get home.

Best Birthday Party Food Ideas

If you organise the food yourself, you’ll spend the day in the kitchen not watching your child so if you are having your party at home then we suggest bringing in food or at the least having a dedicated kitchen person. Snacks on the tables, hot food with a vegetarian choice halfway through the party plus tea and coffee for the parents is recommended.

Birthday Party Entertainers

At Madfun we don’t have any outside entertainers come in because we are a full on disco with smoke machines, robotic lights big dance floor, mirror ball, big screen projectors and a dedicated DJ.

If you do decide to have an entertainer at home here are our tips though. Before you do book an entertainer just check on the cost because it is often actually cheaper to go to a fully catered venue that entertains the kids all the way through the party.

Do you want the entertainer to look after the whole group of children at once like a clown or magician? Or are you happy to have a Face Painter who can only look after one child at a time? You’ll find the kids will stand in a line for the face painter and happily talk to their friends and face painters don’t require as much concentration as a performer does. If you do book an entertainer then we suggest starting them 20 minutes after the party to allow for latecomers, presenters and kids to settle a bit.

For six year old kids we’d suggest having entertainment that they don’t need to focus on but is rather creating an atmosphere so they can just have fun with their friends.

If you do have an entertainer then ensure you don’t serve hot food or cake during the entertainers show and keep the parents away a bit if they are talking too loudly.

When kid’s birthday cakes go wrong  

Kids aren’t that demanding so if you have organised a cake and it’s been wrecked , forgotten or didn’t turn up then it’s time for Freddo Frog to come to the rescue ! We’ve never seen a party of kids disappointed by a Freddo Ice Cream cake.  You can also buy a frozen or regular cake and add some smarties or bits from your favourite chocolate bars to brighten it up.

The most common mess up with cakes is when it’s a frozen cake and someone hasn’t told someone to put it in the freezer. Often it won’t fit in the freezer – they are pretty big usually. At Madfun we have a big freezer for ice cream cakes and we check every cake when it comes in to see if it’s frozen or not. If you don’t have freezer space then pick up the cake last minute or organise storage near the party.

The big thing to remember is that kids just want to have fun with their friends and see their parents smiling and happy and everything else is secondary to that.

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