Advice about Kids Birthday Party Ideas

¬†Planning a children’s birthday party – here’s are a few tips

Listen to your child and do what they want
Some kids are quiet and creating a party for them where they are the centre of attention may be something they don’t want to do. We all want our children to be outgoing and confident but not every child is born like that and there are lots of quiet, reserved adults who have done great things with their lives so your child will be Ok just they way he or she is naturally.

Have the party outside of home
We do own a kids party venue so it sounds biased but you don’t have to go to a venue like ours to be out of the house but you should be free from worry about your home and feeling obligated to clean up. These special moments in your child’s life should be not be spent in the kitchen heating food and making sandwiches.

Be in the moment for you and your child
No matter what you do or where you go we suggest you have someone who is not related assist with preparing and running the party so you can actually be in the moment and enjoy the magic of your beautiful child enjoying being a child – that part of their life will be over so quickly that you need to capture those memories. Put another way – you won’t remember how much you paid someone to help you but you will always remember the day if you are in the moment (and in the photos too.

The last bit of advice – do what your child wants not what you think is what they want – we all do it (think we know better at times) but make sure you listen and give them the party they want

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