Do I pay a deposit to my children’s party and how do I pay?

A: We require $100 deposit to secure your kids party booking, the balance can be paid on the Tuesday before the party day when you confirm your numbers, that way you can relax and enjoy the day.
We take Visa and MasterCard over the phone or Eftpos, Card and cash at the venue, or we can email you banking details if you prefer direct deposit.

Can I bring extra food to my Madfun kids party ?

A: You don’t need to because there is plenty of food for the kids and they won’t walk away hungry or thirsty. If your child has allergies then by all means bring something that you know they can eat. Give us a call first because with at least a weeks notice we may be able to do something for you, so you can relax and enjoy the birthday party as well. Vegetarian alternatives are available, but remember to let us know in advance.
We can usually provide a table for parents so you are welcome to bring in something for the adults. If you do, keep it simple as the parties are designed to be fun and easy for you as well as the kids, or we can provide hot & cold platters for adults. View our ‘Food & Drinks’ page for platters and prices.
Please note we cannot cook or reheat any hot food that you wish to bring in. Fruit platters are welcome but no fruit on skewers please.

We appreciate your help in keeping MadFun Nut Free!

The birthday girl has older / younger siblings for the kids party. Do I pay for them?

A:Yes, please include two to twelve years  in your party numbers. Children come into the party room and want to enjoy all we have to offer, from food to games and face painting, and we just don’t have the heart to stop them from joining in. Please understand that the room is dark and overwhelming for little ones and mums will have to supervise them. Two years and up are charged full price.

What to bring to a Madfun Children’s Birthday Party ?

A: All you need to bring is the birthday cake. Bringing a washing basket to put your presents in is also a good idea. Please help keep Madfun Nut Free by not having any nuts in your birthday cake. Macaroons are made from almond meal so no macaroons please!
Please feel free to bring along lolly bags or we can provide them for your party for $4 per (100gm bag of mixed lollies, bubbles, a bouncy ball and a magnet)

Handy Hints: Cup cakes are really popular at the moment.
Yes, we have a large freezer so please feel free to bring in an ice-cream cake.
We’ll store your cake in the kitchen and bring it out at that special moment complete with candles and sparklers. Then while we organise the children up on stage for you to take group photos, we’ll cut up the cake and serve it in our bowls to the kids and your party parents.

Should I pay the confirmed number or just the kids who arrived at the party ?

A: Yes,you do need to pay for the number you have confirmed unless you let us know by 5pm on the Thursday before your party. If they haven’t confirmed it’s best to assume that they’re not coming. We can always cater for an extra few on the day. We do understand that children get sick unexpectedly, but please understand that we lock in our staff and catering levels in advance.

Q. What are your children’s birthday party packages?

A:Kids have simple needs and we keep it simple for you too. It’s one set cost per child for all food, entertainment, prizes, face painting, craft, snacks and hot food as well as bottomless cordial and water. Check out our party packages and prices on our home page. We ask for only a minimum of 12 children for our regular party sessions.

Free face painting for every child at Madfun kids disco

Kids absolutely love face painting and arm designs and when we first started Madfun we used to only do face painting for the birthday child. We quickly learned that face painting is so popular and so important to the kids that we train all our floor staff to face paint and we use high quality Australian made face paints which makes a huge difference. 

Beanie has been trained by local and International face painters and even Hollywood make up artists and she then trains all our girls to do a great job for your kids. It’s a lot of effort to include Free Face painting for every child in every session at Madfun Kids Discos but the kids love it so much it’s all worth it.

All the party guests get only one face or arm design during the party (sorry mums, we don’t have time to paint you too) so they need to choose their face or arm design carefully. Your child doesn’t even have to say anything to our face painters if they’re shy, they just have to point to the picture. Easy Peasy! The birthday child can have more as this is their special day. Face paint is a very time consuming and costly thing to do but the kids love it so much we decided to include this in the party price. Our face painters will always honour the child’s choice.

Do you charge for adults at Madfun Kids Discos?

No we don’t however if you have more adults than children at your party then that will have to be booked as a Private Party.

We can supply hot & cold platters for you at a cost, but they must be pre-ordered or if you would like to bring along your own platter for parents, please keep it simple as we often see party mums go to a lot of effort only to have to cart it all home again.
Please note that we cannot cook or re-heat any food that you may bring in. Madfun is a NUT FREE venue so no nuts please.

Parents are free to help themselves to the cordial and water throughout the party.
Tea and coffee is available for a $2 donation to World Vision, or for a $20 donation you can buy unlimited tea and coffee for your party parents. This is an honour system, so please just help yourself. Madfun is a proud sponsor of World Vision.

I love the kid’s disco but I want a Private Children’s Birthday Party

A: Madfun Disco is a fully dedicated kids disco venue along with the costs associated with running the venue for that one purpose. Just like an adult disco if you wanted the entire session to yourself you would need to do a private booking.

1.5 hour private bookings start at only $600 and includes catering and face painting for up to 20 children

2 hour private bookings start at $750 and includes catering and face painting for up to 20 children

Regular weekend sessions have a minimum of only 12 children

Kids have absolutely no problems being with other kids in fact it’s quite the opposite because you can bring a smaller party and it’s still great fun.

Every party has separate tables, separate food but all the benefits of the disco including the games, face painting music, craft and incredible atmosphere.

Still want your own private party session?
Call Beanie on 0402 766 025 to design a party just for you


Can I bring things to decorate the children’s party table?

A: The room is so dark small table decorations are just not seen. There’s no need to go to the trouble and expense as the tables are already really colourful and special, so it’s best to save your decorations for dinner that night at home where you can see and enjoy them.

*Any helium balloons must be weighted down as we simply cannot get them down from the ceiling if they become loose

*Pinatas are not permitted in the venue. Again this is something best enjoyed at home.


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