Group or Private Birthday Party ?

We have designed Madfun so you can afford to enjoy the full Madfun experience whether you are in a Private or Group Party.

The Group and Private Parties have the same staff, food and entertainment and the only difference is you can bring as few as 12 kids to a group party and share it with 2 other parties.

You will have separate tables and food whilst the kids will mix in together for the dancing games. We are a large venue with a lot of staff and group sessions are designed to give you the same Madfun experience with a smaller size party. Group Sessions are suited to parties of 12 to 19 kids in your group.     


Q. Where are you located?

A. We have two Madfun venues, Knox and Moorabbin 

3/5 Sherwood Court, Wantirna South, 3152
Less than 5 min from Knox Shopping Centre, just off Lewis Rd.

3/43 Kembla St, Cheltenham, 3192
3 min from DFO Moorabbin, just off Grange Rd.

Q. When should I arrive for my party?

A. We’ll have the room set up and all ready for you 10 minutes before the party start time, so please feel free to come in 10 mins early.

Q. When should I bring in my cake?

A. We ask you to bring your birthday cake with you when you come in for your party. We cannot store your cake before then as we’ll have cakes from the party session before yours stored in our freezer or fridge or bench. You are free to come on in 10 minutes before the party start time. Please remember to help keep Madfun Nut Free by not having nuts and macaroons (made from Almond meal) in your cakes.

Q. Do I pay a deposit and how do I pay?

A: We require $100 deposit to secure your kids party booking, the balance can be paid on the Tuesday before the party day when you confirm your numbers, that way you can relax and enjoy the day.
We take Visa and MasterCard over the phone or Eftpos, card and cash at the venue, or we can email you banking details if you prefer direct deposit.

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