Organising a childrens birthday party

Organising a Kids Party  

If you have decided to have a kids party then here’s a few tips on how to have a hassle free and fun children’s birthday party.

Compare the cost of a catered and home childrens party venue 

If you’re going to a venue then choose a party place that is fun for the kids and easy for you too. We’ve all run home parties where we are in the kitchen or running around through the whole party and miss everything except the cake and the song and that’s not how to remember a birthday. Compare the cost and if you want to provide the same enetertainment and atmosphere you will find a home party will be more expensive 

Keep the parents happy at the kids party 

Choose a kids party venue that is easy for parents to get to and if there is something for them to do if they have to drop off the kids then that is an added bonus. Madfun Kids Disco is 5 mins from Knox City Shopping centre and so  parents can go and have a coffee or do some shopping if they like too. We alos have tea and coffee plus we can order in Sandwitch platters or hot platters if parents of younger children stay. You can also bring in your own food for parents too.

Keep the party to a maximum of one and half hours for kids. It’s fun until the kids get tired and that’s the limit of kids endurance before the tears and tantrums can start.

Have some simple fun games for you childrens party  

Have some simple organised games and gets the kids active. Kids will do almost anything you ask them so if you organise games and activities they will participate and they love it. At Madfun we have a party hostess for every session and childrens birthday party games that include dancing, singing and other childrens birthdya games.

Serve childrens birthday party food half way through party 

Have a break half way through the party and sit them down for something to eat. Play softer music, give them something to eat and drink and just get the kids to rest for 15 minutes and then they’ll be ready to go again

Have someone clean up after your childrens birthday party 

The kids will be happy and tired so try to organise a party where you can walk out the door at the end and leave someone else to clean up. 

Be happy and fun. The kids care more about loving and fun parents than anything else so be fun be excited and be there

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9 year old girls Birthday Party Review Melbourne

9 year old girls birthday party at Madfun kids birthday party disco

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These reviews are from Madfun Kids Birthday Party parents and the originals can be viewed on www.womo.com.au 

14 Feb 2016

We had a private party for our 9 year old daughter. It was a huge hit with boys and girls, a great idea for a boy/girl party. The service was excellent, and we felt that every need/requirement was met with ease.
The slideshow of pictures was a great talking point, and the various activities held the kids’ attention.
Gluten free children were catered for, however a better description of the brand names of foods served on the tables for dietary information would have been appreciated.
We had extremely positive feedback from all of the parents and would recommend this facility to anyone. It will be a hard birthday event to top next year! Thanks again for your service.

Corinab342  – www.womo.com.au


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