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9 year old girls Birthday Party Review Melbourne

9 year old girls birthday party at Madfun kids birthday party disco

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These reviews are from Madfun Kids Birthday Party parents and the originals can be viewed on www.womo.com.au 

14 Feb 2016

We had a private party for our 9 year old daughter. It was a huge hit with boys and girls, a great idea for a boy/girl party. The service was excellent, and we felt that every need/requirement was met with ease.
The slideshow of pictures was a great talking point, and the various activities held the kids’ attention.
Gluten free children were catered for, however a better description of the brand names of foods served on the tables for dietary information would have been appreciated.
We had extremely positive feedback from all of the parents and would recommend this facility to anyone. It will be a hard birthday event to top next year! Thanks again for your service.

Corinab342  – www.womo.com.au


Face Painting for Beginners and Beyond

If you’d love to give the local kids a thrill painting their faces or you would like to work as a face painter at events then Miss Silvers Face and Body Painting can help you

To see her work, search for “Miss Silvers Face and Body Painting” on Facebook

Miss Silvers can help you set up your kit and teach you the basics or help you do more detailed work after you have mastered the basic techniques

Beginners Face Painting Workshop Part 1

A 3 hour face painting workshop for very beginners!

This course is perfect for people who have never used a professional face painting kit before, whether you want to start working in the industry or just want to have a go.

Learn how to load a brush and sponge, pressure control, how to use a split cake, how to paint swirls and starbursts, and how to clean your kit. A casual class that introduces you to face painting and lets you have a bit of play.

How much: $100, including a basic face painting kit

$80 if you bring your own kit (must be of professional quality- e.g. FPA, TAG, Diamond

FX, Wolfe, Global. If you’re not sure if your kit is up to standard, check when booking.)

What to bring: A sketch book
Beginners Face Painting Workshop Part 2

A 3 hour face painting workshop for past beginners!

This course is perfect for people who are comfortable with brush and sponge techniques and would like to learn more advanced skills and specific designs. Learn blending, shadowing, detail work, and how to create face painting designs. A casual class aimed at developing your existing skills.

How much: $80 if you bring your own kit (must be of professional quality- e.g. FPA, TAG, Diamond

FX, Wolfe, Global. If you’re not sure if your kit is up to standard, check when booking.)

What to bring: A sketch book

 The artist: Sam from Miss Silvers Face and Body Painting has been face painting for the past 5 years. She started out face painting as part of her job as a kid’s entertainer, but it soon expanded to circus productions and festivals. Her work now includes horror shows, photo shoots, body painting, and UV.

TO BOOK: For more information and to check for the next classes contact Sam or enquire at Abitza café, Upwey or ask about it at Madfun

0421 321 714   miss.silver@outlook.com

Girls Birthday Parties Melbourne









The great news is that organising a girls birthday party in Melbourne for girls aged from about four years old up until around twelve years old is that they young girls this age are very happy and naturally easy to please when it comes to their birthday party needs.

Young girls celebrating their birthday like to be with their friends singing, dancing and  dressing up and, like it or not, they like to scream a bit too and make plenty of noise.

There are lots of fun things you can do for your girls birthday party and Madfun Kids Disco is only one of many choices.

If you do come to Madfun we have organised our girls parties so the girls can sing including karaoke, dance under fantastic disco lights surrounded by smoke just like the latest pop star who is the “best ever”  and we have also designed Madfun so they can run around and scream as much as they like (we just turn the music up!)

With your daughters birthday party we suggest just keep it easy and it’s all about the memories and ensuring they have a fun experience. Young girls celebrating their birthday  don’t really care how fancy the party is or how much money you spend they just want to have fun with their friends.

If you have the budget you can come to Madfun and they can experience a full on disco just like the grown ups do or if it’s going to be a quieter year you can rig up a less elaborate disco in the garage with a few lights and some speakers from the lounge room. As long as the girls are all together they’ll have fun








Great kids birthday party ideas in Melbourne

Sure we’d love you to come Madfun Kids Disco because Madfun is a great kids birthday party idea and kids love birthday parties at Madfun.

What happens though if its the year you’re not having a party?

The Ian Potter garden in the city is magic for young kids and it’s free !

Take the kids to South bank at night and they will feel grown up and be able to watch the street performers. Take your own drinks and sit by the Yarra River and get a million dollar view for nothing

The Astor Theatre in St Kilda isn’t free but it’s magic and it’s an experience rather than just a movie so why not take the kids to a movie there.

Take the kids down the end of the St Kilda for an Ice Cream or take them to the Dog beach in Brighton (you don’t even need a dog) and they will love it

Kids don’t need much except a bit of simple fun and loving parents



Kids Birthday Party Idea Video Madfun Kids Disco