Advice on how to organise a childrens party in Melbourne

12 Easy Steps to Throwing the Perfect Kids birthday Party

12 Easy Steps to Throwing the Perfect Kids Birthday Party

This is a pretty good check list to use for organising your childrens birthday party. There are also some good kids birthday party ideas in there.

This list will help you organise the food, party activities and other details.

If you come to Madfun we do nearly all the organising for you and all you need to do is bring the ckae the kids and the lolly bags (we sell lolly bags too but not all parents want kids to have lolly bags so maybe you should check first)

We know that getting ready for a kids birthday party can be stressful for you because we are parents too. The biggest mistake you can make (and we did this before we ran Madfun) is to do so much organising that you miss your childs party.

Our focus is to send your kids home happy and put smiles on all of the children’s faces (plus some face paint too)  and most importantly, to help you create a fun and memorable experience for your own child that will be last for the years to come.

MadFun is a great kids birthday party venue that provides the added benefit of a disco experience, face painting, and craft activities.

We will remove the headache of setting up, organising, running, games, music and party food to ensure you can enjoy the party with the kids as well. 


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Q.Should I pay the confirmed number or just the kids who arrived at the party ?

A: Yes,you do need to pay for the number you have confirmed unless you give us 24 hours notice because we will have organised staff and catering for them. If they haven’t confirmed it’s best to assume that they’re not coming.

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Q. The birthday girl has older / younger siblings. Do I pay for them?

A:Yes, please include two to twelve years  in your party numbers. Children come into the party room and want to enjoy all we have to offer, from food to games and face painting, and we just don’t have the heart to stop them from joining in. Please understand that the room is dark and overwhelming for little ones and mums will have to supervise them. Two years and up are charged full price.

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What do I do if my child has allergies to some foods?

If a child has allergies to certain foods we are happy to help. Because every child’s needs are different, you need to give us a call at least a week before the party and together we’ll see what we can do.
Our cocktail frankfurts and tomato sauce are gluten free. Our standard menu of party pies, sausage rolls, cocktail franks and fairy bread are dairy and egg free. We make our fairy bread with a canola spread with soy emulsifiers instead of milk solids.
Vegetarian alternatives are available but again we require a weeks’ notice.

The Madfun menu is Nut Free but we can only suggest and cannot control what mum’s put in their birthday cakes and lolly bags.

Please Note that changes to our menu may incur an additional charge

If your child requires an EpiPen a parent MUST stay throughout the party.


We will email invitations to you, so all you have to do once you print them out is to write in your guest’s name. Easy! If you’d like us to print them out for you it’s $5 for 15.
To make up your invitations we need the name and phone number of the parent or carer for the RSVP, the name and age of the birthday child and your email address. We’ll ask for all those details when you book. Always check the details are correct before printing and let us know if you need any changes made.