Fun Kids Birthday Ideas

Fun Kids Party Ideas

There are some great fun kids party ideas for outside and inside parties.

Madfun Kids Disco is an inside party disco birthday party venue but if that’s not what you’re after this birthday here are some outside party ideas too.

Advice for organising a childrens birthday party

Provide transport if more than 15 minutes away
If you are going more than 15 – 20 minutes from home offer transport because some kids may not be able to get there

Cater for parents if possible
If the spot is isolated then see if you can find a cafe or shopping centre nearby and let the parents know about so they can go there whilst the party is on – that’s important for older children
See what the situation is about Tea and Coffee or refreshments because any parents that stay will want something.

Have a schedule of activities for your party
Time your party and have small events every 15 minutes. Even if you have one activity or game that goes on longer you can adjust things as you go along but you need

Give the kids a rest half way through and serve some hot food
Kids are almost always hungry so you can slow things down in the middle by serving some hot food

The perfect length for a kids birthday party
Keep the party to 1.5 hours and you will have a great kids party with happy children and happy parents. After 1.5 hours the kids start get tired and lose a bit of focus.

Have someone set up, clean up and cater for your children’s party if possible

At Madfun we provide hot and cold food plus cordial and water. We also have tea and coffee available and we are 5 mins from Knox City Shopping Centre. We have party hostesses and the entire party is scheduled so the kids have lots of childrens party games and activities.

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