Great Children’s Birthday Party Ideas in Melbourne

The great news about organising a children’ birthday party is that kids are easily pleased and they are happy by nature generally speaking.

The key to having a great kids party is to do something that is fun for the kids and easy for you too because the last thing you want to do is spend the whole time in the kitchen running around for others and missing a special day in your child’s life.

That’s why we suggest to go to a children’s party venue where they have organised games and activities and you have a party host who will guide the kids.

If you are having a children’s birthday party for four, five or six year old children then the parents of the kids will all stay and you need to take that into account too. At Madfun our junior parties allow the parents to stay and we provide some seating for parents at junior parties too. The parents will want a tea or coffee so we advise you to have a children’s party venue place that has tea or coffee in the venue or nearby. We offer tea and coffee for $2 because nearly every parent does ask for one or you can pay for parents to have tea or coffee for an additional $20 if you like. Parents have no problems paying for their own tea and coffee though so that’s not a big deal either way.

We also have platters of food available if you want to host for parents too.

A lot of families now have a combined children’s and adults party in a private session where you can bring as many parents and kids as you like and the venue is completely yours for the session.

If for example you wanted grandparents at the party and parents and kids and relatives you can have them there with no problems

For more information about Madfun Children’s parties in Melbourne please feel free to call Beanie anytime on 0402 766 025