Cool Children’s Birthday Cakes

Take a look at some of our favorite cakes that come to MadFun
(Tip – when you make groovy cakes don’t make them too big because kids don’t eat much cake)

One Direction cupcakes.

Dechen’s ice-cream puppy!

Chocolate puppy cake, complete with a chocolate button nose!

You can never go wrong with chocolate and strawberries!

Vaidehi’s 5th birthday pegathus cake.

Ben’s basketball cake. After all that running, a little bit of chocolate cake sounds good!

Cars Cupcakes. Even the candles match!

Janie’s One Direction cake

Maree’s One Direction cake

Tara’s 10th Birthday Chocolate lovers cake!

The most beautiful butterfly cake

Talarni’s wrapped-in-ribbons birthday cake

Chloe’s cupcake of all cupcakes!

Cool Doggy