Birthday Cakes for Children versus Birthday Cup Cakes

Cup Cake Stack

Kids birthday cake versus Cup Cakes

Howdy Doody

Every weekend mums bring in beautiful birthday cakes for their children and, once we have sung Happy Birthday and cut up the cake, it’s amazing how little of the cake is actually eaten.

Small Cup Cakes and Disco Pops on the other hand are usually eaten and also are taken home as well.

Cup Cakes are easy to make and fun to decorate so even your special birthday girl or boy can help you with the decorations and you’ll save money too.

We love all the different birthday cakes that come in so we don’t mind what kind of cake you bring in but we have just noticed the Cup Cakes and Disco Pops are the ones that get eaten and taken home too.

Just thought we’d share that with you

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Kids seem to eat more Cup Cakes than regular cake